With the trees starting to lose their leaves,the chilly wind blowing through the city,the sun out but its rays weakened,it was safe to say Autumn had arrived. Nothing better than Makeup & a shoot to brighten up & reinvigorate the mind,body & soul.

I was extremely excited by the thought of doing a friendship shoot with two beautiful ladies, Saarah & Kulthoem and photographed by Shezan Photography.

The inspiration behind Saarah’s look was to give her already flawless complexion a matte finish adding a soft touch of sophistication by applying a soft pink lip colour with some added shine. For her eyes,I applied a very detailed black liner on her eyelids to enhance that feminine edge coupled with sultry defined eyebrow tinting for some added definition. Needeless to say her look was the epitome of perfection!

The Makeup choice behind Kulthoem’s look drew inspiration from her item of clothing she wore. I made Kulthoem’s stunning eyes her focal point by giving her golden shimmery smokey eyes. Using liquid black eyeliner & a few lushes coats of mascara I was able to give her a very precisioned cat eye for a fiercely feminine look. To complete her look & not to take any emphasis away from her eyes,I opted to give her a neutral nude lip colour to top off her breathtaking look.

Friendship shoots are always special & memorable to me & I would like to thank these two lovely ladies for creating yet another unforgettable memory that I will forever cherish.