I met makeup artist Qaanita owner of OnQ makeup in 2013 when she had done makeup for my fashion brand Vintage Peacock and I fell in love not only with her artistry but her disposition too. She was not only professional, but also passionate about her work.

“I feel like I came out of the womb with beauty on the brain. I have spent ridiculous and glorious hours honing and mastering the art of makeup artistry turning my hobby into a much loved career The whole journey has been surreal”.

After having studying makeup artistry Qaanita says that there was no way she wanted to work for anyone other than herself and that inspired her to start her own brand.

Having worked with the likes of Mi Casa, Lee-Anne from Expresso , the supremely talented Jimmy Nevis, some amazing fashion houses like YDE, Ruald Rheeder and ICON Onq is fast becoming a very identifiable brand.

With a tangible desire to make everyone whom she works on not only look amazing for a day, but also with a focus on personal education on skillful application with each client, is the reason she has such a strong and loyal clientele base.

Qaanita’s signature services and palpable passion for the profession have afforded her the pleasure of working with top local designers, photographers, talented musicians, top models and being a part of the various fashion weeks.

In recent years she has also been making a name for herself in the bridal makeup industry due to her mantra that make up does need not be intimidating, a mantra that resonates with brides everywhere.

With Onq makeup currently in the final stages of re-branding the website, launching in April 2015. Qaanita is also currently in the research phase of developing her very own make-up line. It’s early days but she is hopeful that the entry barriers to the market place will be favourable.

She plans on launching a series of make-up workshops, hopefully by the end of this year and is currently in discussions with other artists to establish a ‘Glam Factory’.

“The Journey has been surreal so far but with all the amazing prospects, Who knows what the future holds but if there’s makeup in it I will be pretty darn happy.” Says the raven haired beauty when asked about the future of Onq Makeup.

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We asked what’s the one thing to be hung up on at the moment?

This what Qaanita had to say, “Well, a lady can never have enough shoes or clothing . So that’s always on my list. I will also always be hung-up on make-up. You could say I’m obsessed with it!’

Qaanita offers up valuable tips and insight into becoming a professional makeup artist?

  1. There is no one way to become a makeup artist. You can be self-taught or professionally trained. As long as you continually educate yourself on new products and techniques and practice on anything and everything you can.
  2. Affiliate with a photographer to see how your looks translate to media. This will give you an idea about how lighting will affect your work. In the long run, this photographer will be your ally – he/she can help with building your portfolio and will eventually be able to recommend you and your work!
  3. Always be kind to models If you make the models feel beautiful and treat them respectfully, they will want to show case your work better.
  4. Once you start booking jobs, arrive early and come prepared. You reputation is everything in this industry and word of mouth will be the quickest way you will gain new clients.
  5. Like internships, only accept deals only if you see an advantage to your learning, your career, or your interests.  Makeup is not free. If I accept a deal it means you are important to me.
  6. The most common complaints I hear from agencies, models, brides and photogra­phers are dirty brushes as well as ‘sitting on the job’ and taking personal photos. It’s so important to maintain a professional work environment from start to finish. Always ask right at the end or before starting if you are allowed to take one or two pictures for your social media/portfolio.
  7. Be prepared to work long hours and make sacrifices.