They say to get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide and share it with & this was certainly the case with the union between Roshaan Abed & Anees Gamiet.

Muslim weddings usually take place over a duration of many hours and sometimes can last an entire day. The Nikkah,which is the actual Wedding Ceremony is usually an hour long and held in the morning at a Mosque that is in the bride’s residential area. The Imam gives a sermon on marriage and advises the couple on how to treat each other and so forth. It ends with the groom reciting his vow and then the signing of the marriage certificate. Nowadays brides attend the Nikkah and sit in the ladies section so that they have the opportunity to hear the husband (to be) recite his vows and also hear the sermon given by the Imam. This is usually followed by a brief breakfast for the men, the tables are decorated with fresh flowers and the menu consists of hot & cold beverages, savoury treats as well as cold meats. The bride waits for her husband at the breakfast & reception venue. She greets her husband and family, & everyone congratulates the newly wed couple once the bride signs the marriage certificate. Traditionally the bride then leaves to change into her dream wedding dress & this is followed by the couple making their way to the beautiful Claremont gardens for photographs that they will surely cherish for the rest of their lives.

For their special occasion Roshaan chose an array of rich colours consisting of rich cream & beautiful gold tones,Muslim weddings are always joyous occasions for families as these are normally the times that families who have not seen each other in a long time get to catch up,enjoy & partake in the celebrations. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Roshaan as I literally spent the entire day with the gorgeous bride. Did I mention my two little munchkins were part of the wedding entourage?

The bridesmaids were stunning,I opted to keep their look as natural as possible with light pink lips. As for the gorgeous bride I kept her look very natural,not that she needed any makeup as her natural glow was as radiant as rays of sunshine.I opted for a natural subtle gold tone with the main of accentuating her eyes ending off her look with a nude lip using a bit of lip gloss. Roshaan was indeed a princess in her own right!

Next up was the wedding reception held at Barrons,upon entering the reception the ‘wedding party’ enters the venue first, with the bride
and groom last to enter (to make a lasting impression). At this stage the bride & groom are exhausted from the day of festivities and smiling for photographs! After the couple enters the venue and has more photos taken & they sit down, a prayer is said before they enjoy their supper before greeting family & friends & of course taking more photos! This is where the festivities really begin & you just get that warm fuzzy feeling inside as families & old acquaintances celebrate the union between two people who at this point are extremely exhausted!

Being a part of Roshaan’s special day was most certainly an honour for me & this will go down as one the momentous occasions I will forever cherish .I would like to wish the newlywed couple a lifetime of happiness & may they grow together with each passing day.